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Noah Prince is Open Sourcing and migrating its smart contracts to Strata, a protocol for Community driven Social Tokens.

During the beta, you accumulated a Total Net Worth in bWUM. After the beta, a Net bWUM token was sent out that should be in your wallet.

You now have two options. You can either exchange for SOL now, or hold on to your tokens and wait for the launch of the Open Collective

The Open Collective

The Open Collective is the first token that will be launched on Strata. It is the default token that Social Tokens will be bound to; similar to bWUM in the beta. There are no fees or royalties on the Open Collective. It is bound to SOL, and is intended to create a base community on which users can align their Social Tokens. The reason this is not being called WUM is because will sell all collective tokens, not just the OPEN collective. will be using the Open Collective for all unclaimed tokens, and users that claim their tokens will default to the Open Collective. Collectives are fluid, users are able to leave to join different collectives.


When we launch the Open Collective, we'll take what is left of the beta prize pool, plus some extra SOL for sticking with us, and convert it into OPEN tokens.

If you'd like to switch back to SOL now, you can use the button below:


Chrome Webstore

You can now download the latest version of on the Chrome Webstore

This will eliminate the beta tags from your twitter, and we'll update it as soon as launches!